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HSMF makes custom Whole Pant Formulations that are tailored to each patient.  Each persons body requires a different frequency ratio or groupings of essential healing molecules that can be derived from Hemp Cannabis. For this reason many different kinds of edible and topical oils are needed.  


 The healing molecules in Hemp cannabis are found in other medicinal plants.  Cannabis is an astonishing storehouse of some of natures finest healing molecules.  The The basic understanding of frequency dynamics begins with the CBD and THC levels in a formulation.  These two main derivatives can be though of as an on and off switch.  This is the first way to understand how these two molecules send frequency signals into the healing mechanisms of the patients body. In neurological conditions we can think of of the frequency dynamics like a song that plays into the neurons to calm them down from excited states.   

Once the understanding of frequency dynamics reaches the public conscious their will be an explosion of medical benefits found by each patient in their own way.  This can only happen if patients can access all the needed variations of plant and extract types.  The demand for production of non psychoactive formulas has been growing at alarming levels.  Hope Springs is a leader in these formulations and combining other care to maximize healing.  We have been inspiring patients since 2012 to try different Ratios of oils to help bring their bodies back into a better health outcome.


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