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Hope Springs is a leader of CBD genetics in New England.  We selected the first medical CBD strains from THC dominant cultivars by searching for the lowest psychoactive effects.  We select strains that have the greatest effects of reducing anxiety and other afflictions such as ADHD and seizures.  Andrew has been breeding for 40 years trying to find healing for his conditions. 


He was blessed by having the first strain documented by third parties in new England with CBD in the Rick Simpsons ratio of 1cbd:3thc in a cross between blue mystic, C99 and BoggleGum.  The first place status was really only a blessing of luck as their where many strains world wide with higher CBD at the time.  It was more about the culture in New England as CBD was just begging to gain attention from breeders and Growers in the medical system.  CBD was not yet in the dialog and many did not even know what is was or how it could benefit medical uses.  The best thing the first place status did for Andrew was to give him attention an credibility from other top breeding and producing medical grows that where far more advanced than he was in terms of production in the legal system.  This blessed Hope Springs and Andrews path. 


He is very thankful to emerge in Maine which has been recognized as the leader in patient care for years because the laws here allow the patients so many options to acquire the medical cannabis strains. In fact when Andrew has testified in other states he has been introduced as a Maine Caregiver and many other states respected his status because he came from Maine and could speak about how the laws here make sense for patients as well as law enforcement.  It was an honor to be introduced this way.  Maine is a blessing to Andrew as well as the rest of the country because of its leadership in patient Access while holding true to federal limits and allowing Law enforcement interaction that was and has been mostly positive.  


The BoggleGum was one of the first crosses with Ruderalis from russia and garnished the world record for the largest bud ever recorded.  The cross had massive hybrid vigor from the combination of such different genetic origins.  Andrww was attracted to this line with ruderalis because of the short stout nature of the strain and how it fit into his small micro breeding technique.  Most of his life he was breeding when Cannabis was illegal so his technique focused on the smallest possible grow areas to ensure if he was ever caught he could plead for his case that it was clearly not for illegal production.  This micro breeding strategy allowed his to rapidly breed when he got his legal license in 2012 as a caregiver.  He then was able to work with patients and guide the breeding and make formulations based on patients feedback.  All of the efforts where from anitdotal cultivating, pruning and transplanting.  The boggle crosses revolutionized his personal process and allowed him to grow strains that where similar to Bonsai trees.  He was active in growing Bonsia in his teens and enjoyed the techniques of this hobby as it requires mastry of  


  Andrew believes the CBD ratio he got in his cross he called Lime ricky originated from Boggles Ruderalis Line.  Many other phenos emerged with CBD like Jack Herra and the white widow Rick Simpson found in the Canadian cut.  These other stories also had hemp and feral components to the breeding with a medical or consciousness in finding relief from afflictions rather than highest psychoactive effects. 

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