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Hope Springs was founded in 2017 to provide care services for patients and those marginalized by illnesses that do not respond to traditional medical treatments. We have a conjunctive Cannabis care approach and support any treatments that benefit the patients.  We teach, advise and advocate for the combination of diet, herbal medicine and Cannabis.   We work with medical doctors and holistic practitioners to find the best conjunctive care possible for patients.  The farm is a licensed hemp producer as well as a medical Cannabis caregiver in Maine.   


Our mission is to give hope to patients by providing the highest quality Cannabis solutions and consultations to fit into each persons unique needs.  Many times information, counseling and giving new natural alternative support strategies springs forth a new hope for a better quality of life.  Our belief is that Cannabis is an adaptogenic herb that provides many nutritional benefits when used as a food.  The food approach is primarily based on non-psychoactive delivery of the plants natural ingredients.  The essence of the Cannabis plant has been used this way for 10,000 years.  


We believe the psychoactive aspects of the plant do provide legitimate needs,  but when it is used as food or in conjunction with diet there are far greater benefits.  The greater medical needs of our population will be served better if the plant is used as an herb in foods or delivered in the ways our ancestors taught us.  Unfortunately this history is not represented in the current mainstream culture.  For this reason our mission is not only to provide the right solutions but to inspire a new way of thinking.   

Our Mission

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